I gotz me a website

Posted: November 25, 2011 in News Updates

Hey guys! 😛 Not Dan here with my new “temporary” website! O: Or as temporary as 2 years can be xD I’ll be posting updates and such, also this is where you can purchase my future albums c: (although I’m planning for my first one to be free 😀 HINT HINT). I will also be telling you guys a bit more about the real me.

My name is Daniel Jones 😛 I was born in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan, but moved to Lockport, New York when I was young, and I still reside here today! I am currently 15 years old, and I am in 10th grade in high school. Once I graduate I want to go to college to be an automotive engineer, BUT, that is a long way down the road xD I like to use emoticons to express my feelings to other people :3 So basically, GET USED TO IT c: ❤ I have 3 or 4 years of Internet experience under my black belt in various different things >> Also just fyi, I sometimes dont understand English all too well still xD even though I was taught it when I was 5 xD whatevs. Anyway, I hope you all can get to know me soon :3 and I hope to get to know some of you guys too ❤ If anyone wants to contact me I have a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and my e-mail is notdan@live.com Until next post :3 Goodbye!

~Not Dan


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