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Posted: November 26, 2011 in News Updates, Videos

Hi C: Today I made a Tumblr blog called DEЯP. This blog has really nothing to do with anything music related xD It’s just for fun really. I go on it quite a bit, I jsut post random stuff XD I follow people with funny posts mostly. I still keep up with my Twitter and Youtube and Facebook daily still :3 I am hard at work on the album! I have better software I got today so, it should be right on schedule! Thank you SOOOO much Spike for making me the album cover! :’D You are a G. I will show u guys the cover once she’s done c: Until then, see you guys! O:

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One moar thing that I forgot to mention!  uploaded my first video on YouTube yesterday! it’s jsut a news update on things that should be happening in the near future xD Heres the link and the video.

The last order of buisness is that the toolbar is under construction xD I dont think anyone else has downloaded it yet except for me and my friend. It should be working by 9:00 PM EST 11/26/11. :3 Until next post good-bye! O:

~<3 Not Dan


I gotz me a website

Posted: November 25, 2011 in News Updates

Hey guys! 😛 Not Dan here with my new “temporary” website! O: Or as temporary as 2 years can be xD I’ll be posting updates and such, also this is where you can purchase my future albums c: (although I’m planning for my first one to be free 😀 HINT HINT). I will also be telling you guys a bit more about the real me.

My name is Daniel Jones 😛 I was born in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan, but moved to Lockport, New York when I was young, and I still reside here today! I am currently 15 years old, and I am in 10th grade in high school. Once I graduate I want to go to college to be an automotive engineer, BUT, that is a long way down the road xD I like to use emoticons to express my feelings to other people :3 So basically, GET USED TO IT c: ❤ I have 3 or 4 years of Internet experience under my black belt in various different things >> Also just fyi, I sometimes dont understand English all too well still xD even though I was taught it when I was 5 xD whatevs. Anyway, I hope you all can get to know me soon :3 and I hope to get to know some of you guys too ❤ If anyone wants to contact me I have a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and my e-mail is Until next post :3 Goodbye!

~Not Dan